2021 Macs are REALLY Exciting!

26 Th01, 2021
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MacBook Pro 14", iMac 2021, MacBook Pro 16 & more!
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  • What kind of videos do you guys want to see next? More Apple? More Samsung? More Leaks? More something else?

    ZONEofTECHZONEofTECHTháng trước
    • Is the m1x coming for the macAir any time soon?

      Gabriela FelipeGabriela Felipe10 ngày trước
    • Apple of course ❤️😍

      NovaNova20 ngày trước
    • Do you recommend this for college or is there better laptops out there

      SirskiiiSirskiii22 ngày trước
    • What was that walllpaper for the thumbnail i would love to use it

      LiamLiam24 ngày trước
    • Apple is great for phones and ipad and laptops amd samsung is great for tvs ,making displays and sound. Why cant we live peacefully and stop hating and comparing

      Shab khetiShab kheti24 ngày trước
  • is apple really going to do this after just releasing a new pro, i Don’t this is not good when the web as of today call the M1 pro and air new

    Jay RushlowJay Rushlow15 giờ trước
  • m1x imac

    DJ UniversalDJ Universal21 giờ trước
  • when are these coming out?

    Cubey Cuber27Cubey Cuber2721 giờ trước
  • I think the touchbar should be improved. IMPROVED NOT REMOVED.

    Ethan KattsEthan KattsNgày trước
  • How better a macbook with 79 inch screen?

    Kex The foxKex The foxNgày trước
  • Spell MACS backwards

    CXL50CXL502 ngày trước
  • the rumor god.

    SRNSRN6 ngày trước
  • RIP Touch Bar.

    Travis CravenTravis Craven6 ngày trước
  • cannot wait to see and buy the MBP 14", I have started to save money for that, but yet, I am still concerned about Is Apple going to slow down its own chips as It does on iPhones???

    Yunus Kadir AlakusYunus Kadir Alakus7 ngày trước
  • Save about 2 Grand and just get the M1. The M1 is still faster than the intels and even the 16 inch i7/i5 Mac Pro. I know people who do video editing and photoshop on old MacBooks from 2015 and the stuff they can do is crazy! Save your money guys get the M1.

    Mitchell CoquillonMitchell Coquillon7 ngày trước
  • Good review(s)....looking forward to the 14" Macbook Air with the MiniLed display. I'm using a 2013 Macbook Pro with 512gig ram. However, the screen is starting to fail with a horizontal line near the bottom and several vertical lines on the right side. I hate to see it go before the new Air comes out!!

    Chuck GibbsChuck Gibbs8 ngày trước
  • I can’t wait

    August BAugust B8 ngày trước
  • I would prefer Air over Pro because of the angled shape. The Pro feels too boxy to type on. I'm really looking forward to seeing the redesigned Air. I can't wait! 😁 This year's Air is interesting but the ancient design is a huge turn off for me.

    Jan DudiňákJan Dudiňák9 ngày trước
  • That new iMac will likely replace my 2019 i7, 64gb RAM Mac mini. When purchasing that Mac, I wanted an iMac but hated that it was still using such old design. One can only hope that it does get updated, sooner than later.

    Rocket Science MusicRocket Science Music9 ngày trước
  • Thier not going to do dedicated graphics because it gets rid of the point of arm

    Benjamin RichBenjamin Rich9 ngày trước
  • Mac book air , i aam waiting for you

    Abhijeet Shashwat PathakAbhijeet Shashwat Pathak9 ngày trước
  • The many alto ganguly number because bengal electronmicroscopically interest behind a cheap refrigerator. acrid, absent algebra

    정승훈정승훈10 ngày trước
  • Thinner isn’t always better, iPad pros break so easy, if you are gonna go thinner, we need better materials

    Divided by Time StudiosDivided by Time Studios10 ngày trước
  • m1 imac is going to be the fastest its ever been! me: : D but no bootcamp me: :,v)

    PieChief countergamerPieChief countergamer10 ngày trước
  • I wish the iMacs had an ultra-wide version, and I would like to see more Adobe software benchmarks. Not everyone uses FCPX. Great video, thanks for that :)

    Pull My FingerPull My Finger10 ngày trước
  • I just want a touch screen MacBook with Mac OS that can render 12k and run windows

  • You could implement all the features of the Touch Bar with a single keystroke that pops up on screen actions corresponding to the F1-12 keys. The slider control sounds useful but up and down are all you ready. Slider is good for large movements but sloppier for small ones.

    Alan BAlan B11 ngày trước
  • Bring on the iMac! I have the Late 2013 model. Time for a refresh!

    DJ Aaron MatthewsDJ Aaron Matthews11 ngày trước
  • I am Developer (Apple Developer, Android Developer and Webdeveloper) and i Used the TouchBar.

    Timo KöhlerTimo Köhler11 ngày trước
  • So why the apple share is not rising?

    gschnuugetgschnuuget13 ngày trước
  • I want them to keep the Touch Bar I’ve wanted one ever since they came out and I finally need a new laptop !

    Noelan WyseNoelan Wyse13 ngày trước
  • I'll be so sad to see the touch bar go. My autocorrect 🥺

    FusionFusion13 ngày trước
  • You are literally the only person Who likes the touchbar

    Terence STerence S13 ngày trước
  • When should these come out? I'm thinking of getting a MacBook Pro but now I wanna wait for the 2021 version

    hetlingerrhetlingerr13 ngày trước
  • MacBook Pro 16” is my primary interest

    Dan PhilpottDan Philpott14 ngày trước
    • Exactly

      Kubilay Berkant ŞİMŞEKKubilay Berkant ŞİMŞEK13 ngày trước
  • Black Shirt with Blue Banded Apple Watch, You're Looking Damn Cool :)

    Murtaza FakhruddinMurtaza Fakhruddin15 ngày trước
  • shut up pls, ur voice is boring

    Adil MamedovAdil Mamedov15 ngày trước
  • I pre-ordered the m1 mbp and got it the first day it came out. now i'm seeing all these concepts with an almost bezel-to-bezel screen, so I've got two points to make... a) I hate you VIworld algorithm b) why do I do this to myself?

    Isaac BristowIsaac Bristow15 ngày trước
  • touch bar is not worth the cost. remove it and spend that money on somewhere else, nobody will miss it. at least i won't

    tkotmktkotmk15 ngày trước
  • Apple is getting more demand for MacBooks than they can deliver. When macbook sales decline sharply for two months in a row they could release a newer model. But not before then.

    Carlos RCarlos R15 ngày trước
  • oh ew. I really hope the imacs don't end up looking like that. Definitely down for the new chips and improved performance though.

    Ann HuttonAnn Hutton15 ngày trước
  • 1,000th Comment.

    art_antiques robloxart_antiques roblox15 ngày trước
  • Mac mini with better graphics performance!

    john clarkjohn clark15 ngày trước
  • I would probably go for either a MacBook Pro 14" or a iMac 24" it really depends on my needs when they come out

    Daniel NatzkeDaniel Natzke15 ngày trước
  • Well, if the rumor of the new iMac turns into a fact, then I’ll definitely wait for the 2021 iMac 32 inch version. The rumored iMac you are showing in your video will be mine. When can we expect certainty regarding the 2021 iMac?

    Marco S.Marco S.16 ngày trước
  • *MBP CLI edition*

    KarenKaren16 ngày trước
  • The touch bar is going away Me: Yess This dude: oh man that sucks Me: ¿?

    Ian PinedaIan Pineda16 ngày trước
  • Mac's are for douchebags and sheep's

    Arian RestelicaArian Restelica16 ngày trước
  • Will the iMac come in March or October there are some rumours that will happen.

    Clever wolfanoClever wolfano16 ngày trước
  • I want Logic on my iPad Pro.

    Brendon MiryrBrendon Miryr16 ngày trước
  • i would love to see the touchbar getting larger and all the notifications move there

    Haziq AimanHaziq Aiman16 ngày trước
  • I bought the "old" macbook pro this summer. Is it worth trading it in for a model this year?

    jarneh _jarneh _16 ngày trước
  • just switched my intel MBP to an M1 MBA and I'm missing the Touch Bar already LOL

    Alejandro Monreal ReynoldsAlejandro Monreal Reynolds16 ngày trước
  • Chris TziabazisChris Tziabazis16 ngày trước
  • MagSafe is coming but not included 🙄

    TaKuMii FerraghiniTaKuMii Ferraghini17 ngày trước
  • 12:15 I could see Apple releasing a more powerful version of the Mac Mini to replace the current intel version and put the new M1X (or whatever it will be called) in that model. The current base M1 Mac Mini is a very affordable way (in addition to being excellent value for price/performance) to get into the Apple Ecosystem if you don't need a laptop so that version may stick around.

    Tom PikeTom Pike17 ngày trước
  • I am planning to buy macbook air m1,should I wait or buy.

  • Apple ironically are now one of the last remaining companies to have a touch based laptop. The cues seem to indicate they might be moving towards one. I think their philosophy that touch and pointers dont go well together no longer washes the moment they gave ipads mice capabilities. It was really a ploy to sell several sets of devices.

    Boomer ZBoomer Z17 ngày trước
  • I have the 2015 MacBook Air 13 inch i7 2.2ghz. I recently upgraded to the iPhone 12 from iPhone 7. I want to upgrade to the MacBook Pro 2021. I love the Touch Bar and want them to improve it. If they made it bigger and added haptic feedback, it could almost be a second display. Now that would be pro!

    Aviationfan101Aviationfan10117 ngày trước
  • I don’t even have a MacBook never owned one before, it looks very cool tho

    AyeeKhalilAyeeKhalil17 ngày trước
    • Macs are pretty good.

      Vincent LudwigVincent Ludwig16 ngày trước
  • Touch bar good

    Sathvik gogineniSathvik gogineni17 ngày trước
  • We need higher res FaceTime camera on those macs. It hasn't been upgraded for years. Becoming more important for remote workers

    Firdaus Abhar AliFirdaus Abhar Ali17 ngày trước
  • I'm looking forward to the M1 iMacs and other desktops, but would love it even more if they were upgradeable. Maybe they could design the software so that M1 chips could be compute modules designed similar to DIMM RAM modules. This way, a user configuring a Mac could choose to have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or even 6 M1 compute modules in their Mac :)

    Nicholas BrownNicholas Brown17 ngày trước
  • You spelled "expensive" wrong

    vaugn316vaugn31617 ngày trước
  • bruh I just got a 2020

    Gabrielito VegaGabrielito Vega17 ngày trước
  • Holding out for a Mac Mini M1x. (Hoping for March 2021... has anyone heard anything or is this a year away.. anyone.. anyone). Though if a iMac 23-24” imac M1x or less desirable M1... I might jump in March-June period...

    alexshdvideoalexshdvideo18 ngày trước
  • I am a bit confused. Are they gonna release these in spring or fall?

    Hanna GelezkoHanna Gelezko18 ngày trước
  • After a half year with MacBook Pro I think I am more close to a laptop person so I am sad that MBA will get new re-designed one like 2022….

    Dott WinialDott Winial18 ngày trước
  • I've never had a Touch Bar Mac, but I agree, the way Apple implemented it never went far enough to justify it's existence. But the trouble with innovative features (like TB) is that, while it's ok to introduce them in premium models, they really need to scale down to the entry level models eventually, and I don't think that Touch Bar can ever do that economically. So I can see why Apple might just be removing the feature all-together.

    Steven PeraltaSteven Peralta18 ngày trước
  • The new macs look really nice! I hope they don't overheat!

    Blair AustinBlair Austin18 ngày trước
  • We need 1 USB-A

    OPUS Digital AudioOPUS Digital Audio18 ngày trước
  • I don't want Apple to take away the Touch Bar. I don't know why they do not just make the whole keyboard a touch screen. Whole knows, that may be a thing in the future.

    L. TownsendL. Townsend18 ngày trước
  • Damn I feel lime I just got the m1 Mac the other day. I forgot apple don’t stop. I am probably gonna be good until the M7.

  • Yes plz, improve, don't remove. Agree it was dumb before, but it just needs to be a full apple feature instead of an afterthought

    Tsxtasy1Tsxtasy118 ngày trước
  • more future concepts on current products and new products in fact the dream apple setup with the perfect devices to compliment it

    Tony FlowersTony Flowers18 ngày trước
  • the touch bar was more of a gimmick than something revolutionary

    Nicolas SilvaNicolas Silva19 ngày trước
  • am i the only one that thinks flat edged macbooks r gonna be ugly

    Minhaz hasanMinhaz hasan19 ngày trước
  • bro I just bought a Mac ;-;

    Brian MonteiroBrian Monteiro19 ngày trước
  • touch bar is absolutely ridiculous. It's for people who look at the keyboard while using the laptop, which is a fraction of the whole.

    상우상우19 ngày trước
  • well if this is all true, ill be trading my 2020 intel mbp for one of these

    Isaac WatsonIsaac Watson19 ngày trước
  • How many children and slave's built this I wonder?

    Chad SmithChad Smith19 ngày trước
  • MacBook Pro 16 or 17 or 18 ...

    Pierre BellavancePierre Bellavance19 ngày trước
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    Xarr kiklXarr kikl19 ngày trước
  • So I’m thinking of getting the MacBook Pro 13 but after watching this should I wait for the new one or just get the current one

    Lord GonkLord Gonk19 ngày trước
  • Expecting Macbook Air....or atleast more powerful & thinner MBP

    Alwin ChengAlwin Cheng19 ngày trước
  • I would love to get the MacBook Pro but it’s just way to expensive I have never owned one jet 😔

    projekt ONEprojekt ONE19 ngày trước
  • I agree on improving the Touch Bar instead of removing it.

    Aquarius RisingAquarius Rising20 ngày trước
  • Wait did he say the L shape was MagSafe 1.0 and T shape was MagSafe 2.0? That's backwards isn't it?

    @globeatin@globeatin20 ngày trước
  • Bring back the glowing ICON at the back

    Michael CaoileMichael Caoile20 ngày trước
  • Oh god! Apple please don’t change the iMac! Don’t don’t! Ugly design

    Jays dogs & blogsJays dogs & blogs20 ngày trước
  • I never used the touchbar myself, so I don't mind if they remove it. Oh wait.... maybe thats because I never owned a Mac? 🤔

    Jarno AkkermanJarno Akkerman20 ngày trước
  • I'm not the biggest fan of apple but i like the concept of the new macbook might have to buy it

    Matteo CasniMatteo Casni20 ngày trước
  • During first lockdown I got myself a VW Caddy Maxi and I put the biggest LiFePO4 battery inside, that I could find (300 Amps) - So now I've got a moving office and I'll be getting the small new iMac to install in the car as well as the next best iPad to come out for air travelling, sounds good? ;-)

    Bernhard SchmiedBernhard Schmied20 ngày trước
  • 2:18 what wallpaper is that

    DJ162DJ16220 ngày trước
  • I’m excited for the MacBook Air 💻 much more, like by far.

    AlfredAlfred20 ngày trước
  • You said right ✅ touch should be improve not removed it is my favourite and it is the advanced physical thing about MacBooks

    DevWealthCreationDevWealthCreation20 ngày trước
  • I really want a mac but i will never by one till they are touch screen :/ I love 2 in 1 designs

    Mackenzie DierkerMackenzie Dierker20 ngày trước
  • Your accent is strange, when you talk fast, its almost impossible to understand you

    Elver GalargaElver Galarga20 ngày trước
  • I'm pretty sure none of this will actually happen

  • Touchbar... this always makes me laughing. Like chaning photoshop brush. You can't use PS without mouse or tablet. No! You just can't and if you use mouse, you use ALT+Holding RIGHT BTN to change brush size or hardness whhich is 10x faster. Why for sake I would use touchbar. I have it for 4 year on my MBP 2017. NEVER used it. Lol lol lol! :D

    Petr HolusaPetr Holusa20 ngày trước
  • Not fan of usb-a ?” Literally 90 percent of world uses usb-a

    Open BrainOpen Brain20 ngày trước
  • I like the touchbar better than the traditional fn keys

    WednesdayWednesday20 ngày trước
  • Really excited to pay extra for trash hardware!

    Yoan DoradoYoan Dorado20 ngày trước
  • MACs have never been exciting lmao

    Dahlia CrossDahlia Cross20 ngày trước