iPhone 12 Pro Max vs Note 20 Ultra vs S20 FE vs Pixel 5 - The ULTIMATE Camera Comparison!

21 Th11, 2020
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iPhone 12 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs Samsung Galaxy S20 FE vs Google Pixel 5 - Camera Comparison!
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0:00 - Intro
2:18 - Normal Outdoors 1/30
3:26 - Normal Indoors 2/30
4:20 - HDR Outdoors 3/30
5:41 - HDR RAW 4/30
8:17 - Macro 5/30
8:51 - Zoom 6/30
9:37 - UltraWide 7/30
11:08 - Panorama 8/30
11:52 - 4K 60 Video 9/30
13:00 - UltraWide Video 10/30
13:39 - Slow Motion 11/30
14:26 - 4K 60 Stabilisation 12/30
15:15 - Autofocus Speed 13/30
15:47 - Timelapse 14/30
16:43 - Portrait Mode 15/30
18:45 - Night Mode 16/30
21:05 - Low Light with Flash 17/30
21:46 - Low Light Zoom 18/30
22:50 - Low Light UltraWide 19/30
23:51 - Low Light Portrait 20/30
24:52 - Low Light Video 21/30
25:53 - Low Light Specials 22/30
27:40 - Selfie 23/30
28:18 - Selfie HDR 24/30
28:52 - Selfie UltraWide 25/30
29:35 - Front Video 26/30
31:15 - Front Portrait Mode 27/30
32:17 - Front Low Light 28/30
33:15 - Front Low Light Flash 29/30
34:04 - Front Low Light Video 30/30
35:36 - Final Scores
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  • - 40 Individual Tests - 4 Major Smartphones - 4+ Full Days In Production ~ 40 Minutes Long The entire test was also a blind test so I had no idea which phone took which photos. Which one did you end up picking the most?

    ZONEofTECHZONEofTECH3 tháng trước
    • For me a tie between iPhone and Note 20 Ultra. Very surprising, because normally im not a big Fan of Samsung pictures. But here....

      Rene KRene KTháng trước
    • Note 20 ultra zoom is so hard

      shantanu mahalleshantanu mahalleTháng trước
    • - 4 Major Smartphones Pixel 5 uuuuhm NO.

      Ari NielsenAri Nielsen2 tháng trước
    • Bad review with biased mindset. You started your video with 12 pro giveway. Seriously?

      Maniruzzaman FaisalManiruzzaman Faisal2 tháng trước
    • Tbh, note 20 ultra have a proper zoom tech, but limit its at 2x zoom, bcoz the other can zoom only in 2x? Just used 5x zoom...btw where mate 40 pro?

      Adamzs RinzsAdamzs Rinzs2 tháng trước
  • One thing regarding slow motion, both samsung phones have super slow motion 960 fps at 720p and slow motion 240fsp at 1080. This wasn't i right pick...

    Daniel ȚunaDaniel Țuna7 ngày trước

    ChEvEChEvE9 ngày trước
  • Love from kerala 😍 s 20 fe user ❤

    Jaisil VjJaisil Vj10 ngày trước
  • S20 FE is the best

    Renato VíctorRenato Víctor11 ngày trước
  • When your bet is iPhone then the results are Galaxy S20 FE. You can clearly see here that he was a iPhone Fanboy. Watching from mg Galaxy S20 FE 5G....😂😂😂

    Angelo HernandezAngelo Hernandez11 ngày trước
  • i think you just like iphone 12 pro max, stock camera iphone picture was very bad sometime and you tell next edit iphone 12 pro max is better :D

    King LionKing Lion14 ngày trước
  • Are you kidding me? How much did they pay you ?I have iphone 12 pro , brother s20 ultra and girlfriend google pixel 5 . I love iphone ,but camera comparison in real life google pixel is in 70% of the time better than iphone and s20

    Silver FoxxSilver Foxx19 ngày trước
  • Ip 12pro max vs google pixel 5 , s21ultra huawei p40 pro

    Chiến Ngô ĐìnhChiến Ngô Đình20 ngày trước
  • Btw, isn't this place near Manchester and a Military Museum? I think I've beeb there once before.

    chikkachinijohannadychikkachinijohannady25 ngày trước
  • I picked Pix 5 as my first choice 13 times, S20fe 12 times, but pix was only my 2nd choice 8 times, while s20fe was my 2nd choice 14 times 😮😮😮 Pix was my last choice 8 times, and the s20fe 7 times. I may have lost track of my points somewhere though 😥 but only by a small margine of error.

    chikkachinijohannadychikkachinijohannady25 ngày trước
  • Is the s20 fe the snapdragon version ? Is the exynos version inferior

    Phoenix KingPhoenix King25 ngày trước
  • This was so bad, I had to double check I wasn't watching ”How to do an unbiased camera comparison" by The Verge. His criteria for success in one photo set is then ignored for the next set in favour of some random factor. Whilst I understand that these were your picks according to your preference s, some of your choices are quite baffling. In one set of nighttime selfies, only one camera captured your face so that is wasn't just a dark silhouette but you didn't chose that one, you chose one of the unusable dark ones because the brighter one ”wasn't the look you were going for". Just... baffling. The scoring was also quite abitary. In a lot of cases, 1st and 2nd were very close and came down to a matter of personal preference but only 1st got a point. This gives a very skewed result that doesn't really represent reality. For example, I felt the Pixel 5 was often a close second but despite not being the absolute best, it was fairly consistent overall. I felt the most inconsistent results was the iPhone. It was good in some situations but when it was bad, it was a hot mess. However, you would never know this judging by their respective scores. I would rather a camera that performs at 85% across the board than one that is great in some areas but trash in most others. A more nuanced scoring system would be way more informative and accurate. I won't even go into the obvious bias indicated by your commentary as that carcass has already been picked clean.

    TheCosmicTeapotTheCosmicTeapot28 ngày trước
  • I picked s20fe 5 times, note 20 8 times , iphone 12 pro max 13 times and pixel 5 13 times .😊

    Tserhs AsisTserhs AsisTháng trước
  • Most biased camera comparison I've ever seen lmao.

    KlobasnikKlobasnikTháng trước
  • Actually you don't have to act so surprised on the iPhone Video quality we know that you know that it has the best video.

    Trippex djTrippex djTháng trước
  • I can't believe i watched 37 minutes 😀

    HamedHamedTháng trước
  • I wanna pick you!

    David LópezDavid LópezTháng trước
  • Best value for you money go for s20 fe 5g overall it is a great phone

    mjlv123mjlv123Tháng trước
  • Android: unbiased IPHone: biased WTF. People are unbiased only when they follow your choice

    Leonard WongLeonard WongTháng trước
  • *18:22** what's wrong with you?* *You kidding me? The best in these case is pixel*

    LluísLluísTháng trước
  • 10:02 choose the 20 Ultra, but gives points to the iphone LUL

    Cyke BlyatCyke BlyatTháng trước
  • 9:41 choose 20 Ultra, but gives point to iphone LUL

    Cyke BlyatCyke BlyatTháng trước
  • Iphone 12 Pro Max 1st. Pixel 5 2st. Note20ultra 3st. S20FE 4.

    Thành Đạt TôThành Đạt TôTháng trước
  • I don't really agree with the results and the pixel wins more times than it says for example , un raw or ni slow motion. The iphone has a yellow filter and satured colors that I don't like at all.

    Tomas medinaTomas medinaTháng trước
  • iphone 12 pro max is cheaper than Samsung galaxy note 20 ultra, ahahahah this is amazing and bullshit....

    Ahmet KarataşAhmet KarataşTháng trước
  • Your videos are splendid! Thank you for giving me a new perspective to contemplate!

    Business GuideBusiness GuideTháng trước
  • You gave 1 point of note 20 ultra to the iPhone 12 pro,

    Baban GoraiBaban GoraiTháng trước
  • LOL review, Pixel 5 price is half of iphone..just LOL

    Afrizal ArifaniAfrizal ArifaniTháng trước
  • You did your best with the video... It's an amazing vdeo out there... A new way of testing camera Fully Unbiased* But some fanboy got pissed... . Love your concept❤️ tbh

    Anonymous AnonymousAnonymous AnonymousTháng trước
  • Look how excited he gets when he chooses the iphone all dressed up like Steve Jobs he knows the iphone produces the brightest image and picks it I personally don't like how much my 12 max Brightens the image in low light the view finder ends up with a completely different image than what's there

    Bobby GhostBobby GhostTháng trước
  • Google Pixel 5

    kaury ibrahimkaury ibrahimTháng trước
  • I have been an iPhone user for my whole life and i was literaly ready to buy the iPhone 12 pro max (t was already in my shopping cart). But then i went to yt and this video was the first one recommended... 37 minutes and 29 seconds later I was shocked. I picked Pixel four times, iPhone five times, Samsung galaxy s20 fe nine times and note 20 ultra 21 times. I was shocked bcs I always bought iPhone for their camera but now it turns out it sucks... Now i realised that the only thing Apple ever did well was advertising.

    lian puciharlian puciharTháng trước
  • When you start with the confirmation bias that the iPhone is going to be the best, it’s not a fair test.

    D ND NTháng trước
  • this dude is biased and not very objective

    Sumit SilwalSumit SilwalTháng trước
  • 3,800th like ❤️❤️❤️

    Oliver Plane SpottingOliver Plane SpottingTháng trước
  • hmmmm.....he almost always pics the worst shot *which he thinks is the best* and it is the iPhone and than talks how its great....hmmmm

    Andrija VukcevicAndrija VukcevicTháng trước
  • For me: Iphone 9 Note 10 Pixel 12 FE 9 But quite impressed by the FE!

    MarcoMarcoTháng trước
  • I am really amazed by Samsung s20fe

    mark murimimark murimiTháng trước
  • 💯

    Evagelos PapadopoulosEvagelos PapadopoulosTháng trước
  • I picked S20FE the most.

    Levy NguLevy NguTháng trước
  • Y fue hace 2020 en otubre bro

  • Bro quee paso con el regalo de apho 11 pro no dijiste quien gano creo que voy anular la sucrisiom

  • I find pixel surprisingly good.

    handsomehandsomeTháng trước
  • Is the S20 FE used the Snapdragon version...?

    Johnathan FanisJohnathan FanisTháng trước
  • You r iPhone man

    Ismoh ZwenbeIsmoh ZwenbeTháng trước
  • You are against Samsung note 20 ultra

    Ismoh ZwenbeIsmoh ZwenbeTháng trước
  • Samsung is the best doesn't mater what. note 20 ultra

    Ismoh ZwenbeIsmoh ZwenbeTháng trước
  • I'm simple person, when I see brighter image, i choose, and that's what iphone doing

    Tuan Dat TranTuan Dat TranTháng trước
  • Duhhh iPhone does not have macro lens so it's fair 😒

    Evander Antolin KEvander Antolin KTháng trước
  • I picked s20 fe

    YashpYashpTháng trước
  • Proud to say that my phone is Catching Up with those 2 super expensive phone. NOT A BAD CHOICE! "Samsung Galaxy s20 FE"

    John MMJohn MMTháng trước
  • 100/100 for effort 🔥🔥

    Dinchak DiwanDinchak DiwanTháng trước
  • VIworldr : praises Samsung People : he is a good man VIworldr: says Apple IS good People : he is an isheep

    Arsh MishraArsh MishraTháng trước
  • Noob iphone fan

    Harsh MehtaHarsh MehtaTháng trước
  • Wow. This comment is full of Samsung fanboys. Honestly, this dude didn't give Apple enough credit. Samsung is only slightly better at night shots, which, for most of us, is rarely ever used. Too many night shots were in this video. Apple completely dominates in daylight for both snap shots, portraits, dynamic range and video. PERIOD. By the way - I'm a Samsung S10e user! You can't call me a fanboy!

    Michael KeeneyMichael KeeneyTháng trước
  • Slow motion was the category but yet he defend on image quality 🙉🙉

    Raven AlbasanRaven AlbasanTháng trước
  • Slow motion was the category but yet he defend on image quality 🙉🙉

    Raven AlbasanRaven AlbasanTháng trước
  • Second: you need to learn to use focus before taking a picture First and most important: in order for this video to be a comparison, you need to be unbiased, which you clearly aren't (iPhone 🐑)

    André 25André 25Tháng trước
  • Great job 😍😍

    MindYourLogicMindYourLogicTháng trước
  • s20 FE is exynos?

    Bieber EditionBieber EditionTháng trước
  • Samsung S20 FE ❤️👍

    СлаваСлаваTháng trước
  • Him picks one photo: Him after the reveal: "huh... interesting."

    ifnartaifnartaTháng trước
  • your face is not so orange 🍊 bro you always choose the wrong one

    Smajl LoshajSmajl LoshajTháng trước
  • Is it just me or was this guy purposely try to look the the Iphone's photo and pick that? Idk

    Viper-SpookyViper-SpookyTháng trước
  • How much u got paid for this?

    Vaibhav PatilVaibhav PatilTháng trước
  • Any idea about s20 fe win all rounds? Thats my choice

    Quang Hoàng ChíQuang Hoàng ChíTháng trước
  • Biased

  • Huawei mate 40 recommention? hmmm,,,i watched a lot of tech reviewers recommend that piece of tech,,specially when iit comes to the camera. I thought this is just a camera comparison so it doesn't matter if Googles present or not?

    Jake Ket-engJake Ket-engTháng trước
  • My winner was s20 fe

    Danish DoshiDanish DoshiTháng trước
    • Pretty weird

      Danish DoshiDanish DoshiTháng trước
  • The Best in many cat. For me was surprisingly S20 FE... I am stitching to android!! Scary to say no more iphone for me

    Rudy TaverasRudy TaverasTháng trước
  • Fanboy Apple

    maidenbelgranomaidenbelgranoTháng trước
  • S20 FE: 11 Note 20 Ultra: 14 iPhone Pro Max: 8 Pixel 5: 7

    Alan SchamberAlan SchamberTháng trước
  • Hello bro can i have iphone😉

    Hameed AtaieHameed AtaieTháng trước
  • Idk why but i really liked thr pixel shots most of thr time Its more natural to me

    Meven CSMeven CSTháng trước
  • Best photos - pixel Best video - iPhone Best zoom - note 20 Doesnt exist a perfect phone

    Tecno GTecno GTháng trước
  • Put the huawei in

    LardNutsLardNutsTháng trước
  • Which of the cameras give the most accurate true-to life photo? The low light zoom, for example, shows 4 photos with VERY different colouring. Which one is correct? I would rather accuracy.

    BendyJennyBendyJennyTháng trước
  • 0 points for your analysis

    Kameswaran JayakumarKameswaran JayakumarTháng trước
  • Felt biased

    Nazrul IslamNazrul IslamTháng trước
  • HEYY ipHonE BitCH

    Mansoorkhan PathanMansoorkhan PathanTháng trước
  • 7/30 you have chosen Note 20 but gave points to iPhone

    WempyWempyTháng trước
  • Truly Biased Comparison Bro, I have never seen Biased Blind Comparison before 😂

    Logical OffensiveLogical OffensiveTháng trước
    • why do you care, you can chose which ones you like. just mad cuz his subjective choice was apple

      Gergő GaálGergő GaálTháng trước
  • You are an apple fanboy

    José Rodolfo Martínez OviedoJosé Rodolfo Martínez OviedoTháng trước
    • When android fanboys get salty, this happens

      Oliver Plane SpottingOliver Plane SpottingTháng trước
  • 9:24 9:57 How did the note go to 6 when it didn’t win that round? Hmm..

    Lum1n OtrycLum1n OtrycTháng trước
  • There was plenty of people that noticed your biased mismatch of points. May have been a lot of work but didn't agree with your picks most of the time, you don't appear to be a composition photographer, so didn't earn my sub.

    Chris CookChris CookTháng trước
  • Notch vs holes lol, auto mode vs auto mode = meh

    Roman ShockerRoman ShockerTháng trước
  • *insert Samsung fan salty comment here* 😂

    bob rogerbob rogerTháng trước
    • 😐

      RaisinRaisinTháng trước
  • I thought this is a comparison... but an iphone 12 Pro max camera review

    Noe MejascoNoe Mejasco2 tháng trước
  • Im sorry, but man r u kiding me? Note 20 ultra is the best. Iphone colors are super saturated

    nao tenho nomenao tenho nome2 tháng trước
  • huh huh huh huh huh huh

    Michael ClaudioMichael Claudio2 tháng trước
  • All the Android fanboys moaning saying this is setup even though he literally said he hated a few of the iPhone pics 😂 there’s plenty of Times he didn’t pick the iPhone, so stop being so butt hurt, and accept the fact the iPhone is arguably the best camera on the smartphone market! This guy makes completely unbiased videos, and it’s best you just grow up a little and accept this man’s opinion.

    Dylan SmithDylan Smith2 tháng trước
    • That's his personal choice, take your time and read other comment

      Levy NguLevy NguTháng trước
  • Wait what ..? Pixal is not getting poins , that's where money flows!

    nimish hardikarnimish hardikar2 tháng trước
  • Im sorry but u must be blind

    Simon PaterSimon Pater2 tháng trước
  • Takes an astro photography shot and judges based on buildings hahaha

    Rado Medz ラード 。メヅRado Medz ラード 。メヅ2 tháng trước
    • ikr? The one he picked didn't even have visible stars. Maybe he should Google "astrophotography"?

      TheCosmicTeapotTheCosmicTeapot28 ngày trước
  • you don't no select the better... all you chooses is bad

    حذيفةحذيفة2 tháng trước
  • 13:06 he's looking for which is the iphone....very honest!!

    DevilDevil2 tháng trước
    • Hahahahah

      Levy NguLevy NguTháng trước
  • Hey buddy....how much amount did the apple pay you for the Christmas??? 🎄

    DevilDevil2 tháng trước
  • I got iPhone 12: 15 Note 20: 6 S20 FE: 9 Pixel 5: 9

    Golden WolfGolden Wolf2 tháng trước
  • Huh, interesting

    Kevin NinanKevin Ninan2 tháng trước