MacBook Air M1 (2020) vs MacBook Pro M1 (2020) - FULL Comparison

10 Th12, 2020
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MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air 2020 - Which One to Get?
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  • Would be amazing if we could hit 2000 likes on this video!

    ZONEofTECHZONEofTECH2 tháng trước
    • i even subscribed let alone ur 2k wish. why? simply good work on ur part.

      kalyan vynalakalyan vynala18 ngày trước
    • Thank you so much for this very detailed review! I just ordered the MacBook Air and I can’t wait to use it with my iPad Pro for both video and audio editing! Can’t wait to use the iPad as an extended monitor!

      Aubrey WarneckAubrey Warneck26 ngày trước
    • Air is better:)

      Great Grander Bless LifeGreat Grander Bless LifeTháng trước
    • @Nancy thanks for the number. Will talk to her there and give it a shot.

      Clinton WillsClinton Wills2 tháng trước
    • @Mitchelle Leo Mrs Alicia Jones is a certified broker, I have worked with her for years,anyone who she handles he's or her trade for, i believe is so lucky all you have to do is believe in her and follow her guidance.

      Pete KevinPete Kevin2 tháng trước
  • m1 ssd wear????

    Colin DoyleColin Doyle4 giờ trước
  • Great comparison. Thank you very much.

    Sir Sabelo SeptemberSir Sabelo September5 giờ trước
  • I don’t know what to get :( pro, air or you? Hahahahaha

    Rhasmiya CabasaganRhasmiya Cabasagan6 giờ trước
  • Impressive review

    Paul BalojaPaul Baloja9 giờ trước
  • love it

    sneak peeksneak peek17 giờ trước
  • but you cant upgrade mic’s or speakers or battery or screen brightness, 300 bucks more seems like a no brainer bought the pro today so apple will have an updated version soon because that is always my luck

    Jay RushlowJay Rushlow18 giờ trước
  • Very impressive comparison video, thank you!

    Aadi SinghAadi Singh23 giờ trước
  • Great review for the comparison of MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air. I would also choose the Air as well. My question is should I upgrade the RAM from 8 to 16 GB? Thank you

    Namsai BunnagNamsai BunnagNgày trước
    • I just bought the air and I upgraded to 16gb. It just allows extra headroom and hopefully brings some extra power

      DanDanNgày trước
  • I’m really impressed with your comparison dude!

    Akhyar MusofaAkhyar Musofa2 ngày trước
    • Must Agree!

      John RamboJohn Rambo21 giờ trước
    • Thanks man! 😁

      ZONEofTECHZONEofTECH2 ngày trước
  • I seriously wanted to buy a Mac Mini ... but when I researched a bit, i found out that with any windows computer if anything goes wrong with the ram, HDD, MOBO, Graphics card or any internal connector etc ... the problem part can be replaced by the user or a technician... right??? But with Apple products especially the new ones... even if there is an extremely teeny tiny problem then you are screwed. Apple themselves CANNOT repair their own products... They will straight away tell you to buy a new product. Is this true???

    Edwin SequeiraEdwin Sequeira3 ngày trước
  • Just brilliant, thanks for this superb video. I can now decide to buy a mc book air instead of a mc book pro.

    Denise AllemandouDenise Allemandou3 ngày trước
  • They both have pros and cons but if the air had a touchpad then no one would buy the pro so for marketing you get less so you consider buying the more expensive

    Sam.williams 095Sam.williams 0954 ngày trước
  • Thank you, I just bought the air and was sad that maybe I should have paid extra for the pro. But now Im glad a saved my money and went for the air

    Ain DuAin Du5 ngày trước
  • I just got the Macbook Air today.

    Julius Renz AranasJulius Renz Aranas5 ngày trước
  • Thank you for this amazing comparison! Love how you actually know what you’re talking about 😂 :) I’ve been planning on getting the Air this coming weekend!😍 this would be my first mac and I’m very excited. Seen a lot of great reviews

    Simply AddySimply Addy6 ngày trước
  • Excellent and comprehensive review..

    paulpaul6 ngày trước
  • Hey I can't get ahead 6675 in 10 min cinebench r23 test but if I do the single image render I get 7420 is anything wrong please tell and my geekbench 5 scores are higher than in the video.

    K KK K7 ngày trước
  • Not enough difference for the average user to justify the Pro..already ordered 2 MB Airs and after watching this video you helped me confirm I did the right thing. Since the Pro will be updated later this year...makes since as well. Thank you for the excellent comparison review

    Brad ColbyBrad Colby8 ngày trước
  • So what do you think is much better to buy? Pro or air?

  • Educational

    KC ROLLINSKC ROLLINS9 ngày trước
  • The unkempt sheep largely crack because step-sister unusually decorate past a important mistake. nasty, tall chance

    Christian DevilleChristian Deville9 ngày trước
  • Prefer Pro for the mic quality and sound

    Robin MonkRobin Monk9 ngày trước
  • I have mc book pro

    Cruz DylanCruz Dylan9 ngày trước
  • I used both of them so I would say that the extra 300 is worth it

    Dan ȘeremetDan Șeremet10 ngày trước
  • Do not buy Apple Macbook Pro M1. I bought it just 2 days ago. Its having display issues, colors washed out. NO APPLE REPLACEMENT. They will only repair it. I am so much disappointed

    Sufyan AliSufyan Ali10 ngày trước
  • Hi ZONEofTECH, my $12 Logitech mouse sometimes gets slow and acting like drunk on my 16GB RAM iMac. How may I improve that?

  • What would you recommend for hours of Making Beats And Music Production

    360 ONE360 ONE11 ngày trước
  • I bought them both

    ؜؜11 ngày trước
  • hey man I just wanted to comment and say this is the BEST comparison video between the m1 pro vs the air. You've helped me make a decision after a long internal debate.

    Zyzzus ChristZyzzus Christ12 ngày trước
  • fast, very to the point, and excellent comparison.

    lofi lifelofi life12 ngày trước
  • Go pro or get out im saving up for one right now i got an air and I wnted that touchbar

    ProtossXProtossX12 ngày trước
  • Probably the most comprehensive comparisons made between MBP and MBA. Now I've made up my mind. Thank you!

    Zhan Zhan's Jian GuoZhan Zhan's Jian Guo13 ngày trước
  • Am A producer so I choose MacBook Pro

    Phoebe RonghangpiPhoebe Ronghangpi13 ngày trước
  • MacBook Air M1 chip 8/256GB or MacBook Air Core I5 8/512GB???

    Yam MitmugYam Mitmug14 ngày trước
  • Hi there thank you so much for this video it made a lot clear! I’m still having some doubts one which one to get so maybe you or someone in the comments could help me out? I’m an animation student and need to run a lot of Adobe programs + toon boom harmony or 3D programs, which one would be better in that case? I don’t really mind the slightly slower export time as the difference is not much difference

    NaomiNaomi14 ngày trước
  • Lots of People don’t actually appreciate how long it took to make videos like this. Well done! Video is very well put!

    LynxoneLynxone15 ngày trước
    • Only thing is, the kids will annoy their parents to buy it

      Alex_xxxtentácíon2489Alex_xxxtentácíon248913 ngày trước
  • Amazing comparison

    Mr. ChantreaMr. Chantrea15 ngày trước
  • Credit goes to *globetechie* on Instagram for his outstanding work he fixed my macbook pro, i surely recommend him to everyone he's reliable.

    Robert JackRobert Jack15 ngày trước
  • Credit goes to *globetechie* on Instagram for his outstanding work he fixed my macbook pro, i surely recommend him to everyone he's reliable.

    Robert JackRobert Jack15 ngày trước
  • Credit goes to *globetechie* on Instagram for his outstanding work he fixed my macbook pro, i surely recommend him to everyone he's reliable.

    Robert JackRobert Jack15 ngày trước
  • Credit goes to *globetechie* on Instagram for his outstanding work he fixed my macbook pro, i surely recommend him to everyone he's reliable.

    Robert JackRobert Jack15 ngày trước
  • Credit goes to *globetechie* on Instagram for his outstanding work he fixed my macbook pro, i surely recommend him to everyone he's reliable.

    Robert JackRobert Jack15 ngày trước
  • It’s so hard 😭 I really love the Touch Bar and the fact it’s bigger...

    Antonio HernándezAntonio Hernández16 ngày trước
    • the touch bar gets to be quite annoying imo

      d.rd.r8 ngày trước
  • This is a wonderful, logical and very helpful comparison. But you see Austin Powers....I love GOLD!!!!

    David RudderhamDavid Rudderham16 ngày trước
  • I will definitely go for Macbook Air. I am not a professional in any of those mentioned. Just wanna get myself a new nice laptop. I have used Macbook Air 2014 model till now and it served me well.

    Raymond AgafenachukwuRaymond Agafenachukwu16 ngày trước
  • Thanks a million dude. This is the greatest comparison that I have ever watched.

    Raymond AgafenachukwuRaymond Agafenachukwu16 ngày trước
  • 4:29 no difference

    ArshpreetTEC : Arshpreet Singh The Emerald CarArshpreetTEC : Arshpreet Singh The Emerald Car16 ngày trước
  • Let's go rumenia

    Tohidul ManTohidul Man17 ngày trước
  • Genuine great comparison

    Brent JuherdBrent Juherd17 ngày trước
  • The air with AirPods Pro 😩

    Fernando MelendezFernando Melendez17 ngày trước
  • Good review, but realistically now - will a few seconds or even a few minutes really matter for what a real person will be using a laptop for in real day-to-day computing life?

    Randall AntonioRandall Antonio18 ngày trước
  • When the new Air is coming?

    Karine AghababyanKarine Aghababyan18 ngày trước
  • man, after many years, the air compares identically to the pro. I'm now going to purchase the macbook air

    Jose JacintoJose Jacinto18 ngày trước
  • It's the new color yellow macbook

    Paris KreativesParis Kreatives19 ngày trước
  • The efficient sand physiologically analyse because blinker partly flap per a icky angora. illustrious, scientific eagle

    Xarr kiklXarr kikl19 ngày trước
  • Don't usually comment but great review. This is exactly what I needed

    Salman AliSalman Ali19 ngày trước
  • I choose the MacBook Air. It's the best choice for myself.

    Christian WeißlerChristian Weißler20 ngày trước
  • I will take the mackbook air m1

    Cyubahiro Kamatari LucasCyubahiro Kamatari Lucas21 ngày trước
  • Would u recommend the (macbook air) 512gb or the 256Gb? If i were to use it for presentations and just school in general

    TheSweetPinkBerryTheSweetPinkBerry21 ngày trước
  • I’m going for the air 👍

    AdamAdam21 ngày trước
  • They're both bargains. The CPU performance difference between the early 2020 Air (Intel) and the late (M1) is bigger than the difference between the early 2020 and the original Air from 2008 (!)

    BårdBård21 ngày trước
  • thx

    Vehbi YıldırımVehbi Yıldırım21 ngày trước
  • I would take macbook air

    SUDESH SharmaSUDESH Sharma21 ngày trước
  • Just bought the Air. Thanks for giving me confidence in my decision.

    Marquis WallaceMarquis Wallace21 ngày trước
    • How is it holding up with long zoom and teams meetings and multiple tabs open?

      Shivam SinghalShivam Singhal3 ngày trước
    • @Eduardo L L yes loving it so far

      KastromKastrom6 ngày trước
    • How has it been? Is it a good choice? Should I buy an air as well?

      Eduardo L LEduardo L L8 ngày trước
    • @Ruby Bishaa 16 hours or less over-all 4 hours less than the Pro version

      KastromKastrom19 ngày trước
    • What's the battery life on the Air?

      Ruby BishaaRuby Bishaa20 ngày trước
  • fantastic video. best comparison video i've seen, answered all my questions. got the Air :-)

    Werner VermaakWerner Vermaak24 ngày trước
  • Does the MacBook Pro 13" has heat issues around the touch bar area?? Many Indian VIworldrs highlight that in their videos as a con for Pro models. Is that real?

    Sethu RavichandranSethu Ravichandran25 ngày trước
  • Lonet3ch on Instagram is really a genius when it comes to MacBook Bypassing. Thanks to those who recommended him to me.

    Johnson ThomasJohnson Thomas25 ngày trước
  • Lonet3ch on Instagram helped me with my device.

    Johnson ThomasJohnson Thomas25 ngày trước
  • Excellent comparison

    TheAz197TheAz19725 ngày trước
  • Thanks for your recommendation. It's done so professionally, clear cut, no-frill and easy to understand!

    Pilz JPilz J26 ngày trước
  • How long will the MacBook Air last?

    JWN154JWN15426 ngày trước
  • Wow 81'Celcius

    Chonky Black [Shot on Smartphones]Chonky Black [Shot on Smartphones]27 ngày trước
  • Which one would you suggest for coding and software engineering sruffs?

    Nirmal SilwalNirmal Silwal27 ngày trước
  • Thanks for this video

    Charllote PenafielCharllote Penafiel27 ngày trước
  • You haven’t seen many differences between the two of them during the real testing, such as exporting 4K videos etc; however, in the end, you are telling that you would recommend Pro for the better performance. Which performance in terms of difference? Such an unreliable biased video, I have to admit it.

    FilmmakerFilmmaker27 ngày trước
  • well done i learned a lot

    Ali A.Ali A.27 ngày trước
  • I'm debating whether to get the air or pro.. I now still have the 2015 pro. My main debate is the screen... I want to use the macbook for intensive video editing but figured out that the air doesn't make that big of a difference when it comes to that task. Which one would you recommend?

    Viennart DesignsViennart Designs28 ngày trước
    • I would recommend the pro i did some research and since the battery lasts longer is great for editing and runs fast on programs like final cut pro but if u do minimal editing or basic editing the air is good aswell

      brunella polastribrunella polastri21 ngày trước
  • Just got my Macbook Air M1 yesterday

    Its KimIts Kim28 ngày trước
    • What colour did you get

      _Dma_ins_44insla_Dma_ins_44insla26 ngày trước
    • Is it nice?

      JWN154JWN15426 ngày trước
  • I’m watching this with all my soul ! And I still didn’t decide what am I going to get 😣

    Bushra MBushra MTháng trước
    • get the pro and then you're gonna regret it or get the air and then you're gonna regret it as well haha then buy all of them

      Kiky LyraKiky Lyra3 ngày trước
  • is the AIR m1 good for the sims 4 and loads of cc links, please help me out before i save my money for the wrong macbook:)

    Rachael MurrayRachael MurrayTháng trước
    • hey, i don’t know if you have already bought it but this is exactly what i got mine for and it’s perfect i have downloaded so much content and it runs just as smooth as when i first got it

      Ruby DawsRuby DawsNgày trước
  • i got macbook air as a student and its more than enough for me lol

    negar moradinegar moradiTháng trước
  • Great video! How does the Air hold up to multiple pages being open and running Zoom simultaneously?

    E GoingsE GoingsTháng trước
  • Why my macbook pro m1 camera looks worse???

    rafael antonio riosrafael antonio riosTháng trước
  • this comparison is biased sorry

    xxTháng trước
  • compare these things like 6 months down the road, the pro will always outdo the air.

    xxTháng trước
    • So after like 10 years the pro M1 would be better than the air M1?

      WorodWorod25 ngày trước
  • so pretty much comes down to... Fan vs No Fan

    Jay SJay STháng trước
    • Pro has much better speakers, bigger battery, and brighter screen. Its not 300$ better, but its still decent upgrade for an Apple product.

      Aditya PatelAditya PatelTháng trước
  • Awesome coverage, much appreciated, thank you.

    LouisLouisTháng trước
  • just watching this from my MacBook Pro m1 lol

    kai 23kai 23Tháng trước
    • How is the fan? Is it loud

      Little MichaelLittle Michael22 ngày trước
  • i wanted a macbook pro with no touchbar, but i want a high performance, quiet laptop as well. I think i will go for the M1 pro, but i think its priced unreasonably cause it’s only the touchbar that really defines it.

    AlpleahAlpleahTháng trước
  • I need at least 16GB of Ram, that’s $200 + to the MSRP. I don’t want a base model pro either, but it is nice to have those nicer features. As if I’m getting a Pro, I want at least the 500 GB storage and 16gb of Ram to enjoy it to the fullest extent as a multi use device. This raises the price by $400 + Apple care ($200-$300) = around $600-$700 on top of the base MSRP of the MacBook Pro raising it close to $2000. For a MacBook Air, I’m not expecting to do heaving load tasks like editing/ gaming. So I’ll just stick to the 16GB of Ram upgrade and ignore the extra storage since I won’t be doing any editing or gaming. $200 + Apple care ($200-$300) = $400-$500) on top of base msrp which is around $1400-$1500. Now with that said, there is also tax! The config for an ideal MacBook Pro will prob cost you around $2100 where as an ideal config for a MacBook Air will cost you around $1500-$1600. I’d rather have $500 more in my pocket for a laptop . I can use that $500 towards a gaming/editing Windows machine 🤓instead.

    Sparky UnofficialSparky UnofficialTháng trước
    • @Sparky Unofficial that’s with taxes. But yeah no apple care. Still $$ of course but I’ll have it way more than a couple years. Just need for photo editing and basic online crap. Last time I had a MacBook was probably a decade ago. I’m excited. Good luck with whatever you buy!

      Anna PaloozaAnna Palooza22 ngày trước
    • @Anna Palooza yea $1700 + taxes with no Apple care , I assume you plan to upgrade in a year or 2. That’s still about $1800 regardless , so just shy of $2000

      Sparky UnofficialSparky Unofficial22 ngày trước
    • I ordered the pro 16gb 512ssd from Apple and it was just a little over $1700 total

      Anna PaloozaAnna Palooza22 ngày trước
  • No difference between the speakers or the microphone and I have no idea why people feel the touch part. I mean it's not medical or difficult because you have to push more buttons and just to control the future. For example brightness without the Touch Bar you just push the button but with the Touch Bar you have to push the push the Touch Bar select whatever option one and then slide it. Anyway it's a good video thank you for making it

    DannyDannyTháng trước
  • I have a question. The M1 MBA base model seems perfect, but I would like to upgrade one aspect. What would you advise to upgrade: RAM, storage or Air ➡️ Pro?

    ninemmaninemmaTháng trước
  • Nice dilemma solving video.

    Gaurashtra OfficialGaurashtra OfficialTháng trước
  • I am going to buy a Macbook Air tomorrow (based on what i saw here). Hopefully you will answer my question before tomorrow, is it true that Macbook Air is getting hot? I am a junior software tester which means that I will use programs such as Eclipse and Intellij, just for your information

    Hakim AkbaryHakim AkbaryTháng trước
  • I never thought mine could be fexed not until someone recommended me to *Cyber.smart0* on Instagram The lady fexed it perfectly less then 30min

    Cynthia FlyCynthia FlyTháng trước
  • I never thought mine could be fexed not until someone recommended me to *Cyber.smart0* on Instagram The lady fexed it perfectly less then 30min

    Cynthia FlyCynthia FlyTháng trước
  • the audio test was terrible... less than a second to hear each Mac... that was the worst part of the video.

    Alfredo OrdoñezAlfredo OrdoñezTháng trước
  • My use is basically 12 hours a day using excel word zoom gmail Salesforce. What do you recommend air 16GB or pro 8GB?

    Back To SchoolBack To SchoolTháng trước
  • You get to not have the touch bar. AND it's cheaper. Air all the way!

    Jon StoneJon StoneTháng trước